How often do you struggle to find one of your contacts? You vaguely remember some things about the person, but just can’t piece it all together? Twist has you covered.

Our search makes it easier than ever to find who you’re looking for. We do it in a couple of ways.

1.) Dynamic contact tags that allow you to create, add and search tags without ever leaving Gmail.  We wanted to offer tags where you need them, without disrupting your workflow.

2.) Utilizing the not so obvious details like location, employer, job title, and more. Information that you may not even know, but have at your fingertips through our enriched contact data.

Let’s examine a use case where our search saves you time and hassle. In this scenario, the user is looking for VP of Marketing candidates in San Antonio, Texas. They start by going to the Twist sidebar and searching for the “Marketing VP Shortlist” tag, which displays potential candidates they’ve tagged in the past. Next, they narrow their search by simply typing their desired location, showing all of their contacts who live in the San Antonio area. From here they can easily select the candidate of their choice to email, write a note, set a reminder, or schedule an event with.

Finding your contacts faster means more time to get things done and a higher level of efficiency. That’s our goal.


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